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Leeds City
Leeds City
Leeds City

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The city of Leeds is one of the British cities located to the north of Britain in the west of Yorkshire, on the banks of the River Ayr in particular. Leeds is about 40 km from the city of York. High grade, and is considered the best city in Britain for the quality of life according to the sustainable cities index. Over 60,000 college students in the city are home to more than 75 different nationalities

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We are a British Academy for Professional Training, dealing mainly with professional clients, middle managers, and senior managers. And VIPs from public sectors, government agencies and private companies in the Middle East and North Africa, Asia and Europe.

I learned that a person has value and self, and we learned to cultivate hope in human souls instead of going to the psychological good and treatment. We learned that a person with his specific ideas, behavior and feelings reaches for success. Professional programs make innovation creativity that makes a person positive personalities. We have learned that a person attracts to himself everything sweet according to his behavior and ideas. And certainly from here comes the renaissance. We learned with Dr. Mai that in the union the strength of the group’s hand is better for the basic pillars. We learned when we use silence, response, determination and persistence. We learned wisdom and tolerance. We learned that the most powerful thing, which is treasure, is a person’s self-confidence and intention to achieve our goals. A strategies of life and how to achieve goals and that there is no despair with life We learned in diplomas, professional masters and doctorates How to make internal peace for ourselves Actually, all respect and appreciation to Dr. Mai We will not tire or get tired of education with the doctor When we made many things that some people are ignorant of it we must prove to the world that we are capable To distinguish with all the cultures of the world, and inevitably, the victors and your decision are satisfied, God willing, because you complete the treasures of the country with you. We complete our dream with all appreciation and respect. Once again, we derive life from you as we extend to future generations with thinking, distinction, creativity and culture called Palestinian Excellence for Science. Na carry a master's degree academic career but also the greatest and the finest we in a time of evolution, excellence and creativity of ideas.
Najwa Abu Ramadan
Professional Doctor
I hold an academic masters degree in business administration and I would like to enhance the academic aspect of the profession through the professional doctoral program because today and in the modern era the professional side cannot be separated from the academic as the two are related to each other either from my benefit I have benefited a lot from the program with its valuable topics that benefit you very much in your practical life Personal and social, especially NLP, all the best for Dr. Mai, and I hope that the program will have an extension in Ramallah, given its importance.
Sahar Al-Najjar
Professional Doctor
She joined the human development program on which Dr. May Nayef is based on community service and continuing education through the Professional Diploma, Masters and Professional Doctorate program. But before that I worked in more than one administrative and job place and got an academic master’s degree in political science, but when I joined the program and trained to the hands of Dr. Mai Nayef as a human development coach, I learned that life is the art of communication and communication, and my thinking changes towards positivity and assimilation of people on Different thinking .. Some may be surprised or say do we need training in the art of communicating with people or how do we think and perhaps how do I make my goals, and in fact there are many doctors good in the medical profession but it is not good at communicating with patients and their families, and perhaps an engineer or a policeman and I do not forget the merchant who He can't handle people. Everyone needs the art of self-development.
Anwar Saleh
Professional Doctor

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British Academy for Professional Training We mainly deal with professional clients, middle managers, and senior managers. And VIPs from public sectors, government agencies and private companies in the Middle East and North Africa, Asia and Europe

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Learning center 157-145St John St, Farringdon, London EC1V 4PW, United Kingdom.
GVFW+9W Clerkenwell, London, United Kingdom.


Address: 47-49 Royal Park – London.
Phone: 00441138680888
Email: leeds@leedsacademytraining.co.uk

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